At Kings Mill School and Residence we are committed to providing the following for all pupils and students in our care:

  • a safe environment where everyone is valued and respected
  • a curriculum and activities which are tailored to meet individual needs, provide challenge and are stimulating and fun!
  • equal opportunities across School and Residence
  • preparation for adulthood by providing appropriate activities and transition opportunities
  • strong links with our local community and the wider community of the East Riding
  • working partnerships with other professionals involved with our pupils and students
  • support around emotional well-being


At Kings Mill School and Residence everyone is important:

  • Pupils and students have a right to enjoy learning in a friendly, safe and welcoming school
  • Staff have a right to work in a supportive, friendly environment at the heart of our local community
  • Parents and carers have a right to feel welcome, to be able to trust us and to have confidence in our school

Residence Inspection 17 - 19 January 2017

Unique Reference Number (URN): SC055984

The overall experiences and progress of 

children & young people: Good

January Ofsted Report