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In 2015 the school took the decision to completely review our assessment, target setting, recording and reporting of progress in relation to personal pupil targets.

The materials and procedures have been trialled and modified to cater for the school’s year groups and diverse range of abilities. We have been able to focus on the individual needs of each of our pupils, placing them right in the centre of their learning, and then tailoring the curriculum around their priorities; a person-centred, needs-led approach rather than a subject-based, content driven approach. All new materials aim to produce summative and formative information on our pupils. This allows us to show significant, relevant achievement that recognises lateral progression.

The school has also fully embraced the new Education, Health and Care Plan (E.H.C.P) documentation. We have always been ahead of the game with our person centred approaches (P.C.R) but now this is fully integrated across all documentation. The support plans are written using the same P.C.R headings and includes an Action plan that allows for input from all other agencies and that is directly linked to personalised target setting. Everything all links back to the child.

There is a clear system for assessment, recording and reporting throughout the school. The annual calendar, supplied to staff sets out timescales that will ensure all documentation is kept up to date and that information is clearly and regularly presented and shared with parents. The input of parents, pupils, therapists and other professionals is valued throughout these processes
This policy lays out the assessment, recording and reporting practices, approaches and systems

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