Victoria Road, Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO25 6UG


The Curriculum

Kings Mill School has a curriculum that is tailored to the specific needs of our pupils. We have in place a thematic curriculum which gives a focus each term to link work from EYFS to Key Stage 4. In our EYFS department children follow the Development Matters guidance. This guidance emphasises the different approaches to learning, playing and exploring, actively exploring and creating. The activities are differentiated to meet the individual needs of the pupils and our youngest pupils enjoy a vibrant, happy atmosphere.

Our Primary Curriculum is largely taken from the EQUALS schemes of work .We have ensured that our curriculum caters for all learning styles. Planning follows a thematic, cross-curricular approach which includes sensory curriculum foundations. The subjects are grouped into areas for example Humanities includes History, Geography and RE and Expressive Arts includes Music, Art and Drama.  There is also a ‘suitcase for life’ planning area that is for curriculum enrichment and life experiences. We are grateful to The Dales School Northallerton for sharing their successful planning model which we have adopted.

 In our Secondary department we begin to prepare our young people for their transition to adulthood. In Key Stage 3 the pupils continue to follow the main thematic curriculum. However, we have also introduced the ASDAN New Horizons  course which is specifically aimed at students moving into the  secondary  phase.

 In Key Stage 4 students begin to use EQUALS ‘Moving On’. This is a scheme of work which begins to link functional skills with real life. Each scheme of work covers three areas, World Studies, Life Skills and Vocational Studies.

 Our 6th form department continue with the Moving On Curriculum but also follow ASDAN units which lead to an accredited award. However, in the 6th form a key focus is transition to Post 19 and a major part of the curriculum focuses on work experience and transition links.

 Alongside the main thematic curriculum we also have other learning strategies for specific groups of pupils. We currently have two classes which use Applied Behavioural Analysis with pupils who are on the autistic spectrum please refer to the separate link to learn more about this approach. This year we have expanded our PMLD provision and now have a lower and upper group. These classes follow a multi-sensory curriculum and again more information can be found under the specific link.

 Our curriculum principles and ethos are supported by a wide range of activities which happen on and off site. Sport plays a very important role in the life of the school. All our primary, secondary and 6th form groups have access to specialist PE teaching . Pupils are encouraged to participate in a variety of events throughout the school year many of which are competitive. Each week a group of Primary age pupils go to a local farm to participate in Riding for the Disabled. The weekly sessions are now linked to an award and students achieve this at different levels.

Our students also have opportunity to participate in the Creative Arts. Linked with East Riding Dance we have run an after school dance group which has been well attended by our older students. This group have performed locally in Bridlington but also further afield in Leeds and London. Alongside the dance coaching these students also complete the Arts Award.

The Schools’ Music Service come into school one morning a week to work with our Primary and KS3 pupils and work towards our participation in ‘The Big Sing’. This is an annual event for all schools in the East Riding.

This year the East Riding is linking closely with Hull as City of Culture 2017 and we have benefited from the opportunities this has brought to the area.

Residential experiences have always been a key feature of life at Kings Mill. Last year over 70% of our students from Year 2 upwards had opportunity to have at least one night away. For further details of these trips please see the separate link.