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Bendrigg ... The Story So Far

9 October 2019 (by charlottedowson)

Monday :

Everyone arrived at school with their bags packed; We soon had everything and everyone loaded and 8 pupils and 9 staff headed off to Kendal. It was raining but that wasn’t going to dampen our spirits everyone was very excited. We stopped at  Aysgarth falls for lunch and arrived at Bendrigg Lodge at 4pm. 

We are staying in the new Acorn building, it’s fab and has all the specialist equipment we need.

The first of our activities was after tea, we put on head torches and set off on a mystery tour of the grounds, in the dark. All in bed by 9:15ish, everyone settled quickly and soon all was quiet.



A good night for all, with no disturbances from anyone. The morning didn’t come until 7ish, although one child was happily chattering to themselves a lot earlier!!  

The weather outlook was not great but it didn’t matter as today we were going to be spending the morning underground! After breakfast we loaded onto the buses and headed off towards Clapham, and Inglebrough Show cave.  Helmets on, lights on and off we set……intrepid cave explorers. Some of us were able to go even deeper into the cave, we needed to get down on our hands and knees and in places, tummies to crawl through some very narrow spaces. Lots of water and mud along the way. 

After a quick change of clothes on the buses we drove the short distance to Kirby Lonsdale, where we ate a late lunch before going for a walk. The weather was a little damp but we were suitably dressed. We set off from Devils Bridge and walked alongside the river.


We returned to Bendrigg for a tea. The evening activity was indoor archery; everyone had the chance to fire some arrows using specialized equipment.

All in bed by 9:15 and settled quickly, must have been all the fresh air!