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Termly Focus - Spring Term 2021

Posted: Jan 22, 2021 by: charlottedowson on: Owl Termly Focus

Our topic this term is “Weather Around the World” and we have lots of exciting activities planned.

In our numeracy lessons we have already started to collect data about the weather which we will use in the coming weeks to create bar and line graphs. Each day we have been recording the temperature, wind speed, wind direction and weather condition in our own booklets and have used compasses and wind streamers to find the answers. Other areas that we will cover in numeracy this term are; months of the year, seasons, telling the time and money. 

Across our literacy lessons we will be researching both fiction and non-fiction books allowing us to identify the key features for when we create our own. We will be learning how to write newspaper articles, information booklets, about animal habitats and different climates, as well as using our imagination to write our own fictional story about a crazy weather day. We have already started to use the story of ‘Noah’s Ark’ to influence our work and we will also look at ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ alongside a variety of non-fiction weather books.

The children will also be engaging in lots of sensory and exploration activities using different materials. They will have challenges set which will include, freeing plastic animals from ice to testing the durability of objects and seeing whether they are waterproof. We will also create shadow puppets when investigating night and day, design and create kites and write their own weather forecast which they will present to the class, amongst many other activities.

After speaking with the children we have chosen to place a strong focus on self help skills and learning to self-resource items they may need, to complete their tasks. Already in the few weeks we have been back we have seen some wonderful independent decision making so we will continue encouraging them to stretch and challenge themselves by providing them with roles and responsibilities in class.

It has been great to see that the children have already started the year working hard and applying themselves to all the tasks they have been given. Weather is a wonderful topic that allows for a broad scope of learning to take place and they have all shown lots of interest when learning about the different activities we have planned. I look forward to sharing their amazing work with you. 


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