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Senior 4 Termly Focus

Senior 4 Termly Focus

Senior 4 Termly Focus - Spring 2020

charlottedowson on: Senior 4 Termly Focus

Our topic this term is ‘Tell me a story’. Our class will continue to work on their cognition, mobility and communication targets on daily basis. Our main activities will be organized around two stories, such as ‘To the moon with a bump- twinkle resource’ and ‘How to catch a star" by Oliver Jeffers’.

The students will engage in sensory based creative activities around the topic of ‘space'. They will explore the concept of dark and light and hot and cold. We will also go out on exploring trips in the community and to the sea side to look at different types of soil, weather and nature sounds.

We will engage in action songs about the moon, stars and sun, using the parachute, elastic band, music instruments and sensory props. We will also practice our anticipation and imitation skills by singing and tapping on the resonance board and learn about cause and effect in communication sessions by using switches, touch screens and communication aids.

The students will also create crafts for the sensory displays and will explore different textures during messy play.

We will continue to learn through play and hopefully we will have great fun exploring the environment and make sense of the world around us.

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Senior 4 Termly Focus - Autumn Term 2019

charlottedowson on: Senior 4 Termly Focus

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome all the new students and staff in our class. We are very excited to have you all joining us, and looking forward to great things from all our students in the future.

This year we will continue to work within a sensory curriculum framework which allows us to plan creative and motivating sessions and individual learning programs for the students in order to advance their learning and meet their needs.

This academic year we will follow the school whole topic ‘’A night at the museum ‘’. The topic will work as the umbrella under which all other teaching is themed. Pupil’s daily timetable will comprise of individualised daily communication and cognition work based on their individual educational targets in all areas. This will also include Physical management and postural change wherever needed. We will also focus in improving personal and social development, self-help skills and confidence.

This term the students will engage in multi-sensory sessions built around the following stories such as ‘Lost in the museum’ and ‘Scary castle’ and ‘The toy museum’. These sessions will provide opportunities for sensory stimulation, engagement and exploration using all of the available senses — visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory (smell), gustatory (taste) vestibular (sense of balance, speed, and direction), proprioceptive (sense of body in space).

The students will engage messy play; create items for sensory displays such as dinosaurs, fossils, and planets. We will also make different snacks in the shape of dinosaurs, planets and stars during our cooking sessions.

Students will also access different learning environments such as sensory room in which we will project planets and dinosaur images and various themed items.

When the weather is good, most students will access the local community on walking trips to the local recreation areas, cafes and shops. We will also enjoy trips to the Street museum in Hull and Hornsea museum.

A busy and exciting year ahead for Senior 4 class

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PMLD Upper

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Welcome to Upper PMLD.  Our team consists of Raluca Neagu/Tom Cooper (Teachers), Karen (L4 Learning Support Assistant), Claire, Celia, Jayne, Lorraine (L2 LSAs).  All members of the team work hard to offer a nurturing and supportive learning environment for the children to thrive and grow.