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Termly Focus - Summer Term 2021

Posted: May 6, 2021 by: charlottedowson on: Owl Termly Focus

This term during our “On The Move” topic we will be exploring a range of different vehicles and concepts that relate to travel and change.

During our numeracy sessions we will continue to focus on interpreting and creating different types of graphs. We will collect our own data, linked to transport, that we will then put into a graph allowing us to share our findings with others. The class will also be learning all about fractions, how to read and write them through the use of physical resources and practical activities. There will be ongoing projects for the class which will focus on life skills such as buying and paying for cars, purchasing train tickets and reading timetables. In addition to this, throughout the term we will also revisit the concepts of addition, subtraction and multiplication.

In literacy the whole class will be working to strengthen their current skills whilst learning new ones such as self-checking their work and using their initiative to find answers to their questions. There will also be a strong focus on using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops and the children will have self-check cards to ensure they have included all elements.

The literacy and thinking skills project that will run throughout the term will involve the whole class creating their own booklet all about different modes of transport, or their favourite type of transport. Some children will learn new skills on the Mac Chrome books to create certain pages and others will be using their phonic and signing knowledge to write text to match their illustrations.

Throughout all the remaining areas of the curriculum we will look at the history of transport, how and why different vehicles have adapted and changed. We will explore other countries and research the unusual types of transport that are used and why as well as identifying these places on a World map. Another area of interest to the children is ‘recycling’ so as a class we will learn about the journey of the different materials as they are reused or recycled, as well as watching videos showing the inner workings of a recycling plant.

In Art the children will spend a few weeks designing and creating their own hot air balloon and they will use their Science and D&T sessions to create their own shoebox vehicle.

It is a topic that has captured the interest of the whole class as they have always shown a love for transport, world maps and creating. I am confident that this will be yet another wonderful term with plenty of amazing pieces of work to share throughout.


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