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Termly Focus - Autumn Term 2021

Posted: Sep 23, 2021 by: charlottedowson on: Owl Termly Focus

Our topic this term is “All about me” and we have lots of exciting activities planned.


In Art the topic is delivered through self-portraits. We will be studying different artists who used self-portraits in their work such as Picasso and Andy Warhol. Using their styles we will then create our own masterpieces - we can’t wait to show you how creative our class is!


Additionally, one lesson a week we are collaborating with Senior 1 and investigating the different senses our body uses. In turn, we will be creating sensory experiments, such as Lava Lamps and Puffy Paint to mimic the processes in our bodies. We are excited about the task of making a balloon powered lung system to illustrate how we breathe.  


Furthermore, we have a beach trip booked in October as well as a trip to the Forest School, in WawneWe are also looking to take advantage of fewer restrictions in place and are taking a weekly trip to different parts of our local community. These include café visits and local walks to help orientate our class in their local space. 


During PE sessions we are developing teamwork and communication skills and we have also booked time in the rebound room on a Friday. We are also going to be taking part in Yoga sessions a couple of times a week to work on our mind, body and soul - after all, our topic is ‘All about me’!


Finally, in English and Maths we are working on our own individual targets which include a number of different things: in Maths we are looking at number and counting as well as statistical analysis, and in Literacy we are concentrating on our reading, whether that is with Phonics, sensory stories or guided reading. 


As always, please feel free to approach me or any of the staff team with any questions or queries you may have.


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