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Senior 1 Termly Focus


Termly Focus - Spring Term 2021

Posted: Jan 21, 2021 by: charlottedowson on: Senior 1 Termly Focus

This should be an exciting term for Senior 1 despite the current lockdown. We have many children in the class currently learning at home but we also have plenty of children coming into school.  

The Spring term main topic is ‘The World’s Weather’. This will involve learning about different types of weather, practical experiments to help us better understand weather, collecting data linked to our weather and many other fun activities. We will be aiming to improve pencil control and creativity by creating art work and written work linked to the topic. In English lessons, we are still aiming to improve reading fluency and spelling accuracy through focused phonics lessons and continued regular reading. Maths will be mainly focusing on number facts, money and handling data. This will still involve lots of addition and subtraction and some multiplication and division when the children are ready for it. We will also be doing practical work on time as many children in the class need practice in this area. In science we will carry out practical activities linked to the weather – this will involve creative experiments and gathering data such as temperature, rain water and wind direction.

We continue to work on ‘life skills’ but this has had to change due to lockdown measures. We no longer spend time in the community (hopefully this will return before too long) but we will continue to cook, bake and take part in a variety of classroom jobs. P.E. lessons continue to be on Thursday mornings and there will be virtual sporting competitions to replace offsite visits.

We appreciate that things can be very challenging for you all at the moment due to home learning for many children and a slightly reduced school week for the children coming into school. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or school if there is anything you feel we can help with.



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