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Senior 4 Termly Focus


Termly Focus - Autumn Term 2021

Posted: Sep 23, 2021 by: charlottedowson on: Senior 4 Termly Focus

This term we will continue to work within a sensory curriculum framework which will allow us to plan creative and motivating sessions and individual learning programs for our students in order to advance their learning and meet their needs.

This academic term we will follow the school’s whole topic ‘All about me’. This topic will work as an umbrella under which all other teaching is themed.

Pupil’s daily timetable will comprise individualised daily communication and cognition work based on their individual educational targets in all areas. This will also include physical management and postural change wherever needed. We will also focus on improving personal and social development, self-help skills and confidence.

This term the students will engage in multi-sensory sessions built around the following stories: What I like about me, My amazing photographs, The meanie greenie genie, Frank the 15 stone fairy, The night before Christmas.

These sessions will provide opportunities for sensory stimulation, engagement and exploration using all our senses.

The students will engage in messy play, create items sensory display and collages. They will also build a picture book about their personal experiences in school and outside trips, containing their favourite items, places and rewards.

The students will engage in action, body parts and sensory songs during ‘Music for interactions sessions’. They will make music by tapping on the sensory board and anticipate sounds and actions on it.

The students will also access different learning environment such as the sensory room, rebound and hydrotherapy pool.

When the weather it is good most of our students will go for walks in parks, nature trails and opened spaced areas in our close community.


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Welcome to Senior 4.  Our team consists of Raluca Neagu (Teacher), Karen (L4 Learning Support Assistant), Claire, Lorraine and Jess (L2 LSAs).  All members of the team work hard to offer a nurturing and supportive learning environment for the children to thrive and grow.