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Senior 3 Termly Focus 


Senior 3 Termly Focus - Autumn 2019

Posted: Sep 13, 2019 by: charlottedowson on: Senior 3 Termly Focus

The Senior 3 Class are very pleased to welcome our two new pupils, Ollie and Scarlett to the class.   They are already settling in very well. 
As always in an ABA class the focus of learning this term is on learning essential life skills through a whole variety of real life activities. 
The pupils will be busy learning dressing and showering when they do PE and swimming. 
Also learning how to behave in town in shops and cafes. Some pupils bring in a shopping list and do some shopping for their Mums. 
Baking and cooking are favourite activities too. The older group can now make delicious jacket potatoes and chilli and cook their own lunch on Fridays!
On Wednesday morning the class are going to continue to visit a wide variety of places to keep the pupils tolerant of 'new places'. Also they will be learning to tolerate using the 'facilities' eg hand driers. This is also a great opportunity to enjoy some walking and travel training. 
We look forward to another busy term and fun term.
It will be Christmas in no time!


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Welcome to Senior 3.  Our team consists of Alison Hall/Libby Grant (Teacher), Tracy (L4 Learning Support Assistant), Caroline, Sue, Emma, Alex and Jess (L2 LSAs).  All members of the team work hard to offer a nurturing and supportive learning environment for the children to thrive and grow.