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Hedgehog Termly Focus


Termly Focus - Spring Term 2021

Posted: Feb 5, 2021 by: charlottedowson on: Hedgehog Termly Focus

The Hedgehogs class have been working very hard on their new topic......the weather. A beautiful wall display is in progress using paintwork by the children. They have used a variety of materials including bubble wrap, card, paper, foil and cotton wool to make a bright yellow sunshine, raindrops, clouds and snow. They have all enjoyed exploring the different textures and lots of mess has been made! 
We have also been baking some lovely butterfly shaped biscuits. This was lots of fun as the children were able to roll, kneed, squish, pour and even taste! The biscuits were really lovely and all the children enjoyed making them.
Music always features in the Hedgehogs class and is loved by all. The children benefit from massage to music in so many ways and it helps to relax them. We use musical instruments in time to the music - shaking, ringing, rattling and banging. We listen to all different types of music and have the added benefit of having an Alexa in the classroom who has a huge library of different music we can request to suit the mood. 
We look forward to continuing the hard work and enjoying more fun activities! 


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