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Hedgehog Termly Focus


Termly Focus - Summer Term 2021

Posted: May 7, 2021 by: charlottedowson on: Hedgehog Termly Focus

The Hedgehogs class have thoroughly enjoyed finally getting all of our pupils back to school this term.  We have missed them all dearly and it’s so lovely to have them all back.

Our topic this term is ‘On the move’ which we are exploring in lots of different ways.  We are completing a board in our classroom, on which the children have done some finger painting onto our boats, and they are then featured flying in hot air balloons which have been painted by the children.  We have various textures, including wool, tissue paper and fabric depicting our various transport methods and will build this up as the term progresses.

We have also had an outing on the school minibus, exploring the local wildlife and Highland cattle.  The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience, including the journey and the animals.  Everyone responded very positively to different elements of the day.  Another part of our topic has been a walk to the local park where we assisted the children with travel training, teaching awareness needed for safety in the community.  Whilst in the park we saw lots of trees, all of different colours and textures, listened to and watched the water in the stream. 

On the days we have seen better weather, we are spending time outside and are having some sensory play in the water tray. We have added cars into the tray and some of the children washed them and played with the bubbles in the water. 

During our literacy sessions we are creating a sensory story based on transport, called ‘On the Go’.  During this story the children are encouraged to press switches which create various vehicle sounds.  They are then given the choice of two sounds and indicate which they prefer.  We record children’s responses to see if we can see a pattern.  The story includes some music time, as we sing Five Little Trains and Row your Boat.  The children interact so enthusiastically with this story and their responses are lovely to see.

All in all we are having a lovely term, made so much better by having all of our pupils back to school.  We look forward to the rest of term, hopefully being able to spend more time outside (if the weather allows!).


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